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Kristina Strother-Garcia presents her research at the Head Start 12th National Research Conference!

PhD student Kristina-Strother Garcia presented a poster titled "Using Touchscreen Technology to Create a Comprehensive Preschool Language Assessment" at the Head Start 12th National Research Conference on Early Childhood in Washington, D.C. The research was joint work with K. Ridge, P. Yust, A. Takahesu Tabori, A. Pace, R. M. Golinkoff, J. de Villiers, K. Hirsh-Pasek, and M. S. Wilson, and A. Iglesias.

Tim O'Neill presents his doctoral research at a conference on Malagasy Dialects in Madagascar!

PhD candidate Tim O'Neill presented "Two alternations of the velar nasal in Betsimisaraka Malagasy" at "The Dialects of Malagasy" conference held at the University of Antsiranana in Diego-Suarez, Madagascar.


Lan Kim successfully defends her dissertation!

PhD candidate Lan Kim successfully defended her dissertation titled "Lexical Decomposition of Predicates and Multidimensional Semantics." She was advised by Prof. Satoshi Tomioka. According to our administrator Jane Creswell, who has been with the Linguistics PhD program since its inception, Dr. Kim is the 100th person to recieve a PhD from this program. Congratulations Dr. Kim!

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